Energy Commodities

On behalf of direct Contracted reputable Refineries, we welcome qualified Buyers or Re-Sellers and their signatory
mandates worldwide who meet the financial criteria required to transact petroleum products.

We supply both FOB and CIF, TTT, TTV, TTO, of the following energy commodities:

Crude Oil

Diesel EN590

Diesel D2

Diesel D6

Jet A1

Jet JP54



Urea N46

Coke Petcoke



Fixed Forward Pricing

Floating Price Contracts

Short or Long-term volume agreements and hedging solutions

Competitive Platts prices available upon request.
Utilizing a secure online purchasing platform through ClearLynx Fuel Management Systems.
We represent buyers/ private investors, financial firms, airlines, sea transportation shipping companies, and professional
traders worldwide.

Energy Commodities
Storage tank of liquid chemical and petrochemical product tank, Aerial view at night.
Amazing sunset at the airport. Refueling of the airplane before flight.
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Diesel EN590 - D2 - D6

Specializing to cover the entire supply cycle with a 24/7 service.
Please contact us with RFQ.
For quick transactions, a properly prepared LOI and POF or Attorney’s Letter of Attestation together with Attorney’s
Licence Number will be requested for a due diligence to be performed by our expert team.

Contact VA GROUP of Companies at: to enquire supply option.