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Our S&P Services

We are offering a complete package of services which will increase the
possibility for a quick sale

360 Virtual Tour

Prospect Buyer can have a virtual walk outside or inside the vessel, he can stop and he look the vessel from any angle (360 degrees).


Such report is always useful for Seller and prospect Buyer because both will know the real value of vessel in the present market.
Additionally, prospect Buyer can submit the report to the bank for pre-loan approval.

Pre-Purchase Survey

Seller can decide from the conclusion of the Report & from Remarks / Defects provided (if any) if he wishes to rectify anything prior of selling the vessel or to accept a further discount.
Additionally, Prospect Buyer can have a first independent pre-purchase Report for a better decision if he wishes to
proceed or not.

Area Report Analysis

Offering to Seller and Buyer a clear picture of similar Vesselts which are presently in the area of delivery, operation & WW.
Such Knowledge can help Seller & Buyer to decide if they should accept or decline prospect S&P deals.